"For me, this is the gold standard in ensuring zero leaks" - N.V., Plant Projects and Engineering Manager

Smart Torque System™ is an integrated bolt management system that brings together cloud-based data management with connected tablet devices and a Bluetooth-enabled digital tool suite to provide:

  • Full accountability of 3rd party contractors at the individual worker level

  • End-to-end, historical record database for each individual flange

  • Real-time data and tracking during maintenance and shutdown activities

  • A digital solution for planning, tagging, and tracking flange management activities

Smart Torque System replaces error-prone analog systems with IoT-enabled devices connected to a cloud-based, real-time monitoring and record-keeping platform, providing accuracy, transparency and accountability for asset owners.



Connected Tool Suite

  • Bluetooth enabled digital tools, manual and powered

  • Intrinsically and Non-Intrinsically safe options

  • Automatically set to target value, no manual setting required

"Using Smart Torque has eliminated the concern of flanges being under or over-torqued during the assembly process." - J.M., Mechanical Quality Engineer




  • Communicate directly with tools to acquire real-time torque data

  • Works in online and offline modes

  • End-to-end configurable workflows

  • View isometric drawings on-the-go

"The system eliminated the pain of manual recording for daily valve installation and flange tightening activities, which previously took a good amount of site foremen and supervisors’ time." - J.M., Contract Planner



Control Center

  • Complete traceability and accountability of work completions to site personnel

  • Real-time work progress monitoring

  • Automatic generation of digital completion records

  • Full management of all flange data

"The benefit of the Smart Torque System in the construction industry is revolutionary for flange management, progress reporting, and document control." - W.E., Quality Assurance Lead


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