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"For me, this is the gold standard in ensuring zero leaks" - N.V., Plant Projects and Engineering Manager

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Assurance work was done right

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Transparency and accountability


paperless QC in real time

Bolted connections are one of the most vulnerable points of a pressurized system. Improper maintenance or assembly can lead to costly leaks, downtime, and rework.

The Smart Torque System™ is an integrated flange management system that brings together Cumulus’ cloud-hosted data management platform with Bluetooth-connected digital tools to provide:

  • A digital solution for planning, tagging, and tracking flange management activities

  • Real-time progress tracking and quality assurance during maintenance, turnaround, and construction activities

  • Full accountability of at the individual worker level

  • End-to-end, historical record database for each bolted connection

The Smart Torque System replaces error-prone analog systems with a digital solution that empowers maintenance and construction managers with real-time insight into who completed the work, how long it took them to do it, and how well it was done.

Benefits include:

  • 60% reduction in data review and quality control costs

  • Eliminate more than two hours of paperwork per day during large events

  • Zero leaks on start-up



Connected Tool Suite

  • Bluetooth enabled digital tools, manual and powered

  • Intrinsically Safe options available

  • Automatically set to target value, no manual setting required

"Using Smart Torque has eliminated the concern of flanges being under or over-torqued during the assembly process." - J.M., Mechanical Quality Engineer




  • Communicate directly with tools to acquire real-time torque data

  • Works in online and offline modes

  • End-to-end configurable workflows

  • View isometric drawings on-the-go

"The system eliminated the pain of manual recording for daily valve installation and flange tightening activities, which previously took a good amount of site foremen and supervisors’ time." - J.M., Contract Planner



Control Center

  • Complete traceability and accountability of work completions to site personnel

  • Real-time work progress monitoring and analytics

  • Automatic generation of digital completion records

  • Full management of all flange data

"The benefit of the Smart Torque System in the construction industry is revolutionary for flange management, progress reporting, and document control." - W.E., Quality Assurance Lead

Case Studies

Reduced unplanned downtime:

Using STS on about 20% of bolted connections at a mid-sized chemical manufacturing plant resulted in a $400k reduction in that facility’s lost production costs compared to the prior five-year average.

Targeted troubleshooting:

A turnaround supervisor discovered that a fitting team was not properly lubricating bolts due to improper training. Without STS, the facility would have had to apply corrective measures to every joint that had already been tightened during the event. Instead, the engineering team used STS data to target only those joints that had been tightened by that specific fitting team, eliminating unnecessary rework.

Worker accountability:

During a construction event, STS data indicated that three bolted joints had been severely overtightened and that the same fitter was responsible for tightening all three connections. In addition to addressing the overtightened joints before commissioning, the manager provided additional training to the fitter so that he could improve his future performance.  


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