About Us

Cumulus is on a mission to eliminate accidents, downtime, and re-work caused by poor work quality in industrial maintenance and construction.

Cumulus is on a mission to eliminate accidents, downtime, and re-work caused by poor work quality in industrial maintenance and construction.

Cumulus’ software and analytics platform collects data from digitally enabled tools in the field to provide a single source of “truth” for real-time quality assurance and progress tracking. Cumulus replaces the need for expensive and time-consuming inspections to verify the quality and duration of tasks with software and tools that improve speed and accountability.

Our technology was first developed by our founding team while they were working at Shell’s Skunk Works-style development center in Boston called Shell TechWorks. Shell TechWorks was founded after the Deepwater Horizon tragedy in order to leverage expertise from outside the energy industry to transform the design, construction, and maintenance of mission-critical systems.

While visiting and working at operating facilities and construction sites all over the world, we saw how outdated, paper-based work practices led to poor work quality, accidents, and costly downtime, and the solutions on the market were either not solving the right problem or were too difficult to implement. Our team found a better way in the convergence of advances in field mobility and connected tools.

The prototype of our first solution, the Smart Torque System, was deployed at a Shell chemical plant in Singapore in 2016. After several more successful deployments, in 2018 we spun out of Shell and raised our first round of venture funding.

Since 2018, our team has grown, and we now have customers in the United States, Canada, India, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Trinidad, and Oman. Supporting a global customer base with a small team is challenging, but we make sure we have fun while we are doing it. We travel to interesting places while visiting our far-flung customers and enjoy fun family and team building activities closer to home. At the end of the day, we get the most satisfaction out of making our customers’ jobs easier and their facilities safer, more productive, and cleaner for the environment.

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