Connect. Collect. Manage.

End-to-end quality and productivity management for mission-critical work.
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Transparency & Communication

Improve work progress meetings – easily share project status and metrics.

Improve work quality

Preventing time spent on rework and reducing total project cost by as much as 10%.  

Eliminate paperwork

Digital torque report removes paper, saves time, and improves recordkeeping

Eliminate leaks on start-up

Zero leaks at start-up reduces unplanned downtime and improves performance


Connect manual and powered tools to confirm compliance of workflow tasks and accuracy of assembly.


Eliminate paperwork and get real-time progress monitoring and quality assurance through checklists, photo documentation, hold points, and tool data.


End-to-end traceability, accountability, and progress management of field activity. Powerful monitoring and analytics tools for managing work quality, progress, and productivity.

Connect. Collect. Manage.

Cumulus’ Internet of Tools™ platform connects workers, tools, and data to deliver real time, paperless workflow management, progress tracking, and quality assurance in maintenance and construction. Our flagship product is the award-winning Smart Torque System™.

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